The idea to creat the GYMMY came after reading the book Darm mit Charm - written by Giulia Enders - AHA it needs a footrest to put the feet on it.

Incorrect sitting causes - increasing age - the digestion is not working properly, with painful consequences, hemorrhoids, bleeding, etc. The peristalsis in the gut is disturbed because of not according to nature posture! South-eastern regions hardly aware of this problem!

On the GYMMY to set the feet and than you sits like an S - such as a child on the pot!

The GYMMY is multifunctional - feet up under the desk! In bed under the belly or knees or feet to relax or as a headrest when reading.

Core foam | density 40 | Coat microfiber | washable
29 x 29 x 18,5 cm | Wight 720 gramms
Packed in white Box
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